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The most popular projects on GitHub may change over time, but here are some examples of popular projects:

Microsoft/vscode: Visual Studio Code, an extensible text editor developed by Microsoft.

freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp: An online platform for learning programming and web application development.

tensorflow/tensorflow: TensorFlow machine learning library developed by Google.

facebook/react: JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

twbs/bootstrap: A popular framework for building web interfaces.

vuejs/vue: An advanced JavaScript framework for building user interfaces.

ansible/ansible: IT automation tool.

microsoft/typeScript: The TypeScript programming language developed by Microsoft.

ohmyzsh/ohmyzsh: A set of customisations and extensions for the Zsh command line shell.

flutter/flutter: A framework for cross-platform mobile application development.

Note that these are just some of the popular projects on GitHub, and the list may not be complete. The popularity of projects can depend on a number of factors, including developer activity, star ratings, and contributions to the community.

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