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Let's say I have a server for loading images and removing watermark, and here I know that my competitor's site is overloaded and does not work therefore to me to the site in 10 times and then in 20 times increased the flow of people for example from one million a day to 10 million how do I raise the infrastructure that in case of increased load my site scaled and continued to work

To handle increased traffic and keep your site running reliably, you should consider the following steps:

Using Kubernetes for Application Orchestration: Deploying your server to load images and remove watermarks in Docker containers running Kubernetes will allow you to easily scale your application horizontally (by adding more container instances).

Horizontal Scaling: Set up your application to scale horizontally. This means that you should divide your application into microservices, each of which can scale independently. For example, you can split image upload processing and watermark removal into two separate services.

Monitoring and Automatic Scaling: Use monitoring tools such as Prometheus, Grafana or Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) to monitor resource usage and automatically scale your application based on current load. For example, when a certain load threshold is reached, Kubernetes HPA can automatically scale the number of container instances to handle additional traffic.

Using cloud providers: If you use cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, you can use their autoscaling tools, such as AWS Auto Scaling Group or Azure Autoscale, to dynamically scale your infrastructure based on load.

Resource Reservation: Make sure you have sufficient resources (CPU, memory, network resources) to handle the increasing load. Don't forget to consider reserving some resources to ensure stable operation of your application during peak loads.

Combining these techniques will help you create a reliable and scalable infrastructure to handle the growing traffic on your server for image uploading and watermark removal.

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