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In the context of a web application, the frontend would be the part of the application that is responsible for how users interact with the application through their web browser. Typically, the frontend includes the following components:

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code:

HTML defines the structure and content of a web page.

CSS is responsible for the styling and appearance of elements on a web page.

JavaScript provides interactivity and dynamic behaviour of the page.

Client-side logic:

This is the JavaScript code that runs in the user's browser and handles user actions such as clicks, text input, and form submissions.

Graphical Interface (UI):

The frontend also includes all the UI elements that users interact with on a web page, such as buttons, input fields, lists, etc.

Requests to the backend:

The frontend can send HTTP requests to the backend to receive or send data.

Other resources:

The frontend can also include images, fonts, and other auxiliary files used in web pages.

Thus, the frontend is the entire client side of a web application that interacts with the user and allows the user to access the application functionality through a web browser.

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