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To set your Android screen to wake up when you receive a message, you can use the On Screen Notifications feature. Here's how to do it:

Open your device settings: Find the Settings icon on your Android device and tap on it.

Look for the "Notifications and device management" section or similar: This may be called differently depending on the version of Android and the device manufacturer. This section is usually located in the "System" or "Device" section.

Turn on On-Screen Notifications: Review the available options and look for On-Screen Notifications or Active Screen. Click on this option to enable it.

Customize On-Screen Notification Options: Once you enable this feature, you will usually have the option to customize various settings such as screen timeout, notification display, etc. Make sure that you have enabled the option related to displaying notifications when messages are received.

Check your messaging app settings: Some messaging apps also have their own settings for displaying notifications on the lock screen. Make sure you have configured the appropriate options in the Messages app settings.

After completing these steps, your screen should wake up when you receive new messages. Please note that the interface and option names may vary slightly depending on your device and Android version.

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