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Yes, you can integrate Google Pay on your website to accept online payments. To do this, follow these steps:

Create an account in Google Merchant Center:

Go to Google Merchant Center and create an account.

Follow the prompts to add information about your business, including payment information.

Enable Google Pay API:

Sign up for Google Developers Console.

Create a project and enable the Google Pay API.

Create credentials for the API, such as authentication keys.

Add Google Pay to your website:

Embed the required code to add a Google Pay button to your website.

Ensure that you have the necessary metadata such as purchase information, etc.

Process transactions:

On the server, process payment requests by interacting with the Google Pay API.

Process payment notifications and transaction status updates.

Ensure safety:

Follow security best practices, such as protecting your API keys and using HTTPS for your site.


Test the integration in the Google Pay Sandbox sandbox to make sure everything works correctly.

Deployment in production environment:

After successful testing, deploy the integration to your production site.

Please be aware that Google Pay integration may require compliance with certain rules and policies. Be sure to check out the official Google Pay API documentation for detailed information and tutorials.

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