Basics of rational nutrition

The essential connection of the animal organism with the surrounding nature is the communication through known chemicals that must constantly enter the composition of this organism, being the energy for the further maintenance of the building material for the development of the organism, its vital activity and growth.

That is, food is a material for building an organism, a source of energy, heat, and a guarantee of body growth.

«It is not without reason that the care of daily bread reigns supreme over all phenomena of human life. It represents the long-standing connection that connects all living beings, including man, with the rest of the surrounding nature. Food that enters the body and changes, breaks down, enters in new combinations and again disintegrates, personifies the life process in all its volume »

I.P.Pavlov said while receiving the Nobel Prize

These wonderful words of a scientist testify that all life processes in the body are largely dependent on how a person’s nutrition is built from the first days of his life. among all environmental factors, social, religious, climatic, for an adult and professional — nutrition is one of the most important factors affecting mood, reproduction, health, and productivity of work, and mental abilities.