mikrotik easy vpn

Fast light VPN on Mikrotik

Mikrotik fast installation

Mikrotik fast installation

First you need to go to the standard menu of the router (type in any browser)

I use Mazilla, it’s more convenient for me.

Then everything is simple:
Fill the VPN parameters in the right corner
Tick VPN Access
the router itself will substitute the name of the network (which is very convenient if for example you do not know the domain name or simply did not have time to buy it)
Standard username vpn

Next you need to come up with a password (preferably difficult, so as not to pick up)

and everything is ready click in the right corner of the Apply Configuration button

everything is ready, the simplest one is configured vpn


Next on the phone running Android for example

Go to the settings menu


VPN settings

creat new VPN

Fill in the required fields

It remains only to turn on the Internet, then turn on the VPN and enjoy its work.