Complete your latest posts

Now browse through each post and brainstorm, try to find ways to complement the post. Most of the posts you have written can be Supplement with many ways, including the following:
 Answer the question or thought expressed by readers in the comments on this blog entry;
Consider the issue from the opposite point of view;
Take the news post and write to him about the news data;
Take a theoretical post and write an addition to it that helps readers put into practice the thoughts described in the text;
Additions due to the ideas described in the previous post.
This list can be continued. In practice, it is very simple to find the source of inspiration in previous posts and expand the post at their expense.For each thought, draw a line from the circle, draw a square and write down thoughts inside the square.The main thing is to start thinking in the most creative and non-standard way. Any thoughts that arise should be taken into account. I don’t think that when you can stop, 20 years ago no one could imagine that every citizen of the country will have a mobile phone (smartphone) and now even children like these are bought, technologies run tightly integrated into our life. and the integration of the Internet of Things, I think this is a popular topic for a blog. So go ahead, it’s impossible to stop progress …