Make a monthly blog development plan

Make a monthly blog development plan.
If you really intend to succeed in blogging, then I recommend
you make a development plan for your blog for each month, and it’s better every week, every day, to think about your website, about your brainchild.

As you can see, in this regard, writing posts is planned for the first six
days of each week. The only day free from fasting is Sunday.
At the same time, notice that the style of posts is different every day. This may be a post.
“Opinion”, post “question”, etc.
In addition to writing posts in the plan there is a place for administrative tasks,
such as “statistics analysis”, “updating old materials”, and there are also
blog promotion tasks, such as “commenting on other blogs,”
«Participation in forums», etc.
Of course, this is not a hard plan, which must be adhered to, because from the blog to
blog, it will be very different, but the meaning I think you understand.
You must make a monthly development plan for your own blog, which
should include the development and improvement of the blog in all
directions — filling with high-quality materials, promotion,