Post in the style of «review»

 I know that many bloggers have experience writing post reviews, but I also know that you will always lack practice for writing such reviews.
The network is increasingly used to make decisions about any purchase.
I have no statistics on this issue, but judging by the type of words and phrases,
people who enter my website can go
say that people are increasingly using the Internet in search of advice. (it is very important in our time, while still artificial intelligence allows us to think and decide on our own).
Although it is still in doubt, whether you made the decision to buy this thing yourself, or was prompted to you by an advertisement from Google.
help you meet this need.
Another aspect of the reviews is that they allow you to show that you have an opinion on this issue. It impresses readers, and
increases your authority in the field about which you write for them. And this, in its turn, prompts you to subscribe to your information channel.