Post in the style of «question»

Questions for readers — a great way to develop a blog. Here are 10 reasons why
It is worth using this tool:
1. It gives readers a sense of community and ownership — It’s not
like a blog where readers communicate, it makes the blog alive. (you should really protect yourself from spam bots.)
2. It gives the blog stability — People more often return to the blog, in
whose development they took part in. (this is true, a sense of significance is one of the most important criteria of humanity)
3. A post with questions is very easy to write (although the answers come later

4. Questions-posts perfectly help to understand what is interesting to readers by
your blog topic.
5. Answers from readers can give you ideas for future posts.
6. Thanks to such posts, you can write a whole series of posts.
continuations, simply gathering answers and discussions, and even respond to your
question yourself.
7. A well-formulated question can take a good position in
issuing a search engine. Take the question that people often
type in the search box PS, and optimize the page for this
query and you will see how well it will rank in the results
search this page.
8. Such posts can attract a large number of links to your blog,
if other bloggers take part in the discussion.
9. When a reader leaves a comment, he gives you ways to get started.
communication with this person, both by responding to a comment and by writing to
e-mail At the initial stage of the blog’s development, it’s absolutely necessary to do so
this way you can spread the word about your blog.
over the network.
10. Answers of readers can be used as a separate post. (Moreover, Google answers, the site is covered, and I personally don’t understand what such a resource has done so much and launched it until the end of the decline)