Post in the style of «opinion»

There are many reasons why successful bloggers differ from
the rest. One of them lies in the following. Communicating with experienced
bloggers over the past few years, I found that they often
have clear convictions that feel free to voice.
While the rest of the bloggers in their niche just broadcast news, these
the authors are not shy to comment on the news and the event, since
Blogs are more often linked, posts are more often commented, and the authors themselves.
considered in the role of ideological leaders in their niche.
Perhaps now is the time to write a post in which you express your opinion on
specific issue. In some niches this will be made easier in others.
more difficult, but I believe that writing such a post is possible for a blog any
If your blog is about politics — share thoughts with readers.
about the last statement of the policy (Attention you can use Thor browser (anonymizer)
 If your blog is about cameras — instead of just
report a new camera, tell the readers that you are
think about its functions, and for whom, in your opinion, will it be
 If your blog is about Britney Spears — write that her hairstyle and outfit on
last event was nothing but be sure to write what you
think about this.
If your blog is about nutrition — share with readers new
recipe, and then write what you liked this recipe and in which
In cases, this dish should be served on the table. (For the effect, add a photo, and ideally also a recipe and price)
Avoid excessive emotionality to express your opinion to you.
you just need to add to the article your thoughts and feelings about the stated