how to write an effective post review for your blog

1. People read reviews to take some
decision. Those. they need someone’s opinion so don’t be afraid to give them something
what they want. (As they say to learn from mistakes)
If the subject of your review was the subject whose
characteristics below the standard, say so in your review. it
increase your credibility and show what you really want to give
good advice.
2. Rating — This item is linked to item above. In my experience, posts with
rating cause a greater response from readers. In other words
rate the subject you are describing.
3. Keep balance — you can express an opinion and balance it.
Reviews that contain positive and negative side
product, more useful to the reader.
4. Do not forget about keywords — When writing a review, do not
forget the words and phrases that people will use to
find information about the products they are interested in. They can change
from topic to topic, but words like price, review, problems, etc. more often
total included in the search phrases. Also in the review you need
use the name of the product you are describing, at a minimum
three times, especially the name. However, do not forget that you
write for people, not for search engines. When optimizing
use common sense, otherwise your text will turn into
set of key phrases.
5. Make comparisons — I found that readers like it when
This review compares several products of the same class. If a
You have previously written a product review with which you can compare the current
product, include a link to this post in the text. (after all, technology does not stand still and a new product provides new opportunities, and we need to evolve with it.)
6. Use affiliate links — If you have an affiliate program
product that you describe, use it. Bloggers have
a different point of view on this question, but an affiliate link may
bring a good income, as well written and
balanced review always stimulates sales.
7. Determine who this product will suit — “Will it suit me?”, “It will suit you.” This
many of your readers will ask themselves the question. So share with
They are your thoughts on who this product is suitable for. What kind
reasons may be to buy this product? How would you
used this product. Attach to the text any useful
links for those who purchase this product. Generally the closer
A review to the real life of the reader, the better.
8. Tell us about your personal experience — A review containing a story from
the life of the author, has a greater chance to cause a reader response.
9. Eye contact — use everything that helps readers.
Visually present the product (videos, pictures, screenshots, graphics). Hosting for storing files or pictures.
10. Describe in detail the process of purchasing goods — If your review
dedicated to the product that can be purchased, give the maximum
detailed information on how to purchase the product and prices
product. (very useful to compare prices at special sites.
And finally, it should be said that the success of your blog depends on its informativeness and usefulness for a particular reader