Create an About Author page on your blog


After all, who usually comes to this page?
— New readers who came to your blog recently and want
meet those who are on the other side.
— Potential partners and customers who are interested in your blog and have them
There are plans for joint projects or by ordering some services from you.
— Advertisers.
You should definitely make this page. After all, among other things,
It is this page that brings you closer to your target audience. (and when it will bring profit)

If you don’t know what to write on this page, just tell us how much
you are old, where you studied, where you live, write about your interests, hobbies,
achievements, etc. Do not forget to place your page on this page.
Now it is no longer possible to be anonymous. The audience likes to be open, honest and
ready-to-communicate authors. (Of course, you may want to be incognito, but then the public’s love can be noticeably reduced) so it’s up to you who you are a spiderman or just a blogger.