Content for blog

  • Content:
  •   What are the posts on the blog?
  •   What topics are not covered on the blog?
  •   What is the author’s style / manner of writing?
  •  How often is the blog updated?
  •  At what level are the posts oriented (for example, for beginners, professions, etc.)?
  • Reader activity
  •  What posts have caused the most active discussion?
  •   What writing styles do you think is most understandable to the audience?
  •  What questions do readers ask in the comments?
  •   What complaints do readers have in the comments?
  •   What tools does the site offer users (for example,
  • Do readers use twitter, do they chat on the forum)?
  • Design
  • What is your first blog design impression?
  • What do you think the developers succeeded in the design? And what not?
  • What options are offered to subscribing readers?
  • Monetization
  • This will push you to think about how to get money with your
  • blog post:
  •  Which advertisers advertise on the blog?
  •  What types of affiliate programs are they promoting?
  • Traffic
  • Analyze which main source of traffic to your blogs
  • competitors.
  • Two small warnings
  •  Don’t forget about your own blog.

Many bloggers spend too much time on competitor sites and
pay too little attention to the development of their own project. Such
an analysis is needed, but not at the expense of other work to develop your
blog post