Analyze competitors in your industry

The goal of this task, in addition to promoting your own blog, is to spy, listen and watch how competitors’ blogs work. This
The information will help you in building your own strategy.
A blogger can learn a lot from another blog. Especially this
regards well-made blogs. You can peek at expressing
thoughts, concepts and notes, i.e. all things that are done perfectly well
also identify blog elements that are poorly designed or generally
missing and try to work on them on your blog that will highlight
you among competitors.
Here are the tasks we recommend you to perform:
1. Identify your successful competitors.
You may have already identified those blogs that you have to explore. If a
you can’t choose, use Technorati’s top 100 blogs
Top 100 Blogs or Google Blog Search and try to find a blog
performed on five points. If you could not find a blog,
matching your niche, do not be discouraged, select a blog,
dedicated to your close topic.
2. Allocate 15 minutes to analyze your blog for the following reasons: