Post in the style of «link»

Recently, someone asked me how I drew readers to
your first blog. One of the answers I gave was that I included in the posts links to other blogs. I was not alone. Then (that is, a few years ago) everything was spinning around  links. One blogger wrote a post, and hundreds of others pasted a link to this post in their articles based on this first post.
As a result:
 Ideas spread through the blogosphere very quickly.
 Each link strengthened connections between bloggers.
 Blogs evolved together
Although it is observed to this day, today more links are exchanged
happening using other tools like twitter and social
Reasons why you should embed links in your blog entries
1. Share valuable information with your readers. Although
readers come to your blog to read what you want
say they will always appreciate the link to the useful
2. Growth of authority. Regular highlighting of what your authors are writing
niche, will show readers that you are well informed in your
areas and have good connections.
3. Building relationships with other bloggers. There is nothing wrong with that
that you give another blogger traffic from your site. It will produce
effect and help to establish communication. If you correctly refer to
someone else’s site, it increases the value of the thoughts expressed by the author, that may subsequently lead to the establishment of fruitful
interactions with the author of this blog.
4. CEO. A number of CEOs disagree with the statement that relevant keywords from your site to a competitor’s site can have a bad influence on the output of your blog in search results systems. You can avoid this by referring to competitors not too often. And a few references to quality content can, on the contrary, show search engines that you are quite an authoritative author. The key point here is that you only need to refer that will be useful to your readers and seem interesting to them.
Of course, including links in your posts will require a good one. awareness of whatis happening in the vast web. To be sufficiently informed, you will probably need the following:
Subscribe to news from other blogs  View social bookmarks related to your area  Subscribe to news reports on services like Google Alerts, etc.

6 post types with links worth mentioning
There are many ways to refer to valuable materials. Now I will express
some of my thoughts on how to refer, doing something more, and not
just including the link and recommending «read this!»:

Remember, you can sell everything, and any information makes sense, if it is properly issued.

1. Build on the post you are referring to. Take some
some article and try to determine what the author missed. Usually

To do this, take a post-list and add a number of additional
points. For example, if someone wrote a post «21 ways to write
a post that is guaranteed to attract new readers to your blog «, write a post “3 more additional ways to write a post, which is guaranteed to attract new readers to your blog «, which will refer to the first entry.
2. Accept the opposite point of view. This is another way to link.
to write another blogger. You can play the role of the devil’s advocate,
or really disagree with the point of view of the author. Remember
that it will be difficult for you to start a relationship with another blogger if you are
insult his post.
3. Make the topic a source of information. Take some
Hot topic in your area and learn what other bloggers have written on this occasion. You can even make a list of posts that covered this topic in your niche. You can present them as a set links, or note in their notes the main thoughts of their authors or use quotes. Such a record is perfect for social networks, especially if you have at your disposal a large list of useful sources.